Workhouse Media Productions, situated in the centre of the country, improves financial results by producing captivating, high- quality content. We have worked with companies ranging from small businesses to federal institutions for more than years. We take great satisfaction in our capacity to collaborate with clients and comprehend their objectives, meeting and surpassing their goals with superior content. We helped numerous clients during the global epidemic not just with onsite production services but also with flexible remote content development and live-streaming.


meet the team


Meet Sean Moody, the visionary owner of Workhorse Media LLC, boasting over a decade of invaluable experience in the realm of video production. With a robust background in video consulting for multiple companies, Sean has left an indelible mark on the industry. As the former Video Production Manager at Newsmax, he played a pivotal role in leading the team’s transition from website content to television programming. Sean’s expertise extends further as he held positions as the Director of Video for both The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller News Foundation. His contributions aren’t confined to digital platforms; Sean has collaborated on impactful documentaries that graced movie theaters and earned numerous prestigious awards. With a rich history of success, Sean Moody is a driving force in the world of video production, elevating every project with his seasoned insights and creative prowess.


Introducing Giovani, a seasoned video professional with years of experience in the dynamic realm of film production. Based in Washington DC, Giovani brings a wealth of expertise to the table, showcasing a deep understanding of video production and a comprehensive knowledge of equipment from various brands. His proficiency extends beyond the lens, encompassing the art of producing and the technical finesse required for effective gaffing. Giovani is dedicated to crafting compelling visuals that captivate audiences, leveraging his extensive equipment knowledge to bring projects to life seamlessly. With a proven track record in the industry, Giovani Shirley stands as a go-to professional for those seeking a skilled and experienced hand in the world of video production.


Meet Anthony, a visionary entrepreneur shaping the visual landscape in the Washington, DC metro area. Anthony is dedicated to the art of photography, using his keen eye to craft compelling images that resonate with brands and individuals alike. Through a focus on headshot photography, event photography, corporate video, and product/branding photo/video, Anthony at the lens of Capitol Hill Photo captures the essence of professionalism and personal branding. His commitment to visual storytelling extends beyond business boundaries, creating a dynamic impact in the local community through his distinct approach to photography.


Meet Kian, a passionate freelance filmmaker specializing in capturing the essence of nonprofits and small businesses. With a commitment to authentic storytelling, Kian crafts compelling videos that reflect the heart and identity of his subjects. Inspired by the people he films, he considers himself fortunate to bring their narratives to life through his lens. As a dedicated professional, Kian’s meticulous attention to detail ensures each frame tells a meaningful story, making him a sought-after talent in the world of visual storytelling.

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